The Art Coach can fulfill a wide range of graphic needs. Over the years, he has designed many items for the  internationally known Southern Gospel Quartet, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, including a 32 page coloring book. Local and regional music artists seek him for his talents and keen attention to detail for business cards, CD designs, banners, T-shirts and so much more. Sports organizations and church groups have been pleased with the creative logos and designs for event posters, jerseys, and even decals for cars and trailers..Below is just a small sampling of The Art Coach's Graphic work.

"I have known Russell from a distance since 2002. Doing our first projects together let me get to know him better. As businessman, he is first rate and very timely. As a person, he is very nice, warm and so easy to work with. As an artist, he is like Tony the Tiger ... He's GREEEEEAT!"                               Ernie Haase of Ernie Haase + Signature Sound